What is Easy Learn?

EasyLearn is the next generation e learning platform to provide an integrated digital experience for schools and colleges. It has been designed keeping in mind the ease of use, manoeuvrability to support large data and a highly secure platform. EasyLearn is protected by a Secure Login which makes sure your data is only shared with people authorized by the admin and allows users to get mentored as a company or as a learning group.

Integrated platform solution – EasyLearn is a unique solution that allows online admission, online classroom management and online examination. One can administer lectures, assign students, create schedules and mark attendance. Courses by mentors are made available that caters into webinars, webcasts, recorded courses and course material

Training the trainer – With the new government rule implemented recently abiding to which, we have created a tool to train the teachers for this new age technology driven generation. This tool will help them polish their skills and cope-up with the e-learning era.

Customizable platform – Based on the client specific requirement the platform can be configured or customised without much technical manoeuvres. The system is very easy to operate.

Large Data - provided given secured and good server – With an efficient and seamless integration system to manage large data, it allows to integrate with every university and colleges without much effort.

AI layer to implement different kinds of predictive analytics – The collated data at the university and beyond can be analysed going forward through an AI based predictive models and different scenarios can be played out at the click of a button enabling to take corrective course action beforehand.

"This product is being currently deployed globally and is being provided as Service, easily configurable and implementable in record time."


Digital Content and Platform – The courses are delivered digitally/online using indigenously developed comprehensive digital education learning platform and secure communication portal EasyLearn in association with ISF Analytica & Informatica Pvt. Ltd.

Teachers Training – Anyone who is willing to teach and wants to guide and inspire students can join the system by registering themselves as a Teacher.

Course/Curriculum Management – Courses will be uploaded by the teacher which can be uploaded in any forms such as videos, docx etc. students can avail the courses by registering themselves into the platform.

Exam Administration – Teachers can easily moderate each and every student appearing for exam with the help of assessment tools.

Training Tools

a. Whiteboard – It is integrated so that the teacher and student can interact through a surface.

b. Video Conferencing – This tool is enables live demonstration of the lecture and also enables better communication.

c. Document Manager – The Files created during the lecture or any assigns be it notes every documents can be saved here and share among the classmates.

d. Mail User – The updates about the classroom and any news to be conveyed regarding can be easily drafted and sent out with the help of the mailing system.

e. Teacher Training Tool – Young and aspirant teachers can get themselves trained using our training tool.

Use our embedded mentoring tools like video conferencing, whitebord, file manager and document manager and have the best learning experience! For more information watch video. OR Get a free today